December 8, 2016

Entrepreneurship Discussions being led by our CEO Mufaro C are available for booking beginning January 2017. These talks are based on the beginnings of MCAD, and branching into different areas, nationally and internationally.

IN Mufaro’s words..’I encountered a lot of hurdles when I first started, and I know having roundtable discussions would have greatly assisted. Starting the business with $20 was interesting to say the least, but it taught me a whole lot not only just about the business environment but about myself. I have grown immensely through this process, as an individual and am thankful. I never gave up, even when the situation was bleak and creating avenues and defining what we, (MCAD Inc) did as a company took time…I am passionate about Entrepreneurship, Leadership and giving back.’

Her book, ‘From $20-An Artrepreneur’s Success Story’ will be available on ebook. This book details ups and downs, personal triumphs and losses. It is an open book about her life first in Zimbabwe then in Canada, and then highlights her travel. It’s a book that EVERY Entrepreneur will be able to relate to.

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