The Maritime Centre for African Dance (MCAD), most recently noted for performing at President Obama’s African Inaugural Ball, was formed in 2005, is an organization dedicated to teaching, sharing and promoting African Culture though the art of dance, to youth and adults across Nova Scotia and Canada. To date, MCAD has taught well over 600,0000 children and adults in schools, community centres, camps and programs. This number is ever increasing. This organization was formed out of a necessity for lack of cultural representation in the form of traditional dance in Canada, UK and the US. It is a collective of different individuals from Africa who have are trained in traditional dance and ranges from the South, North, West and East of Africa.

As of 2009, MCAD began expanding not only within Canada but also in the US and Zimbabwe. In 2011, MCAD launched in the UK.

Every year, MCAD holds Afro Dance Camps, (trademarked) for children/youth ages 8-Adults, which features cultural dance from areas such as Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia and South Africa to learning to play traditional instruments such as Marimba, (xylophone), jembe (drum), and mbira (thumb piano). ANYONE of any background, with or without dance experience is encouraged to come to this camp.

MCAD also has resource material that is available for schools, communities and individuals. The resource material includes dvds, books and powerpoint presentations. For information on this email,  admin@mcafricancamps.com.

MCAD also hosts workshops and classes at various times all across the Canada. As well as  two hip hop dance competitions, The Dance Off each year, one in Halifax and one in Toronto. The Dance Off is quickly growing and is now one of the largest Hip Hop dance competitions in the Maritimes. This years Halifax finalists competed for both prize money, as well as a chance to perform live at this summer rush, which has previously featured performers such as Rhianna, Akon, Girlicious, and Jesse McCartney, as well as ABDC winners Supercrew.

MCAD’s adult troupe was  the only Canadian dance troupe invited to perform last year for President Barrack Obama’s presidential inauguration.



  1. Do you offer classes in Halifax?

    • We will have a scheduele in January for Halifax

  2. Hi there, I wanted to inquire about someone coming in to our daycare. It would be for a short performance/class with children ages 18 months-5 years. Is this something you offer in the Halifax area?

    • HI Chelsey, YES we would be HAPPY to come to your daycare and we would do about an hour for your daycare. We do work with daycares and have done daycares in the past. You can email admin@mcafricancamps.com so we can solidify a day or call 902.580.6653

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